Ankea Media is a tiny Helsinki-based audiovisual production company. Established in 2016, we pride ourselves in diving headfirst into the latest technologies with impeccable style. In addition to our own brands and properties, we're available as freelance guns for hire for clients big and small.

Areas of expertise

  • Video production: Shooting, editing and post work
  • Motion graphics design and effects, loops and layout elements
  • Graphic and brand design for digital and print media
  • Streaming: Live video production, operation and consultancy; layouts, widgets, shaders and optimization. Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube, AWS/CloudFront and custom RTMP pipelines; [Neonya!! Stream!]
  • Offline audio production, mixing and mastering
  • Live event production; [Neonya!! Party!]
  • Software development: All programming and platform work done inhouse.
    SaaS solutions are available for purchase.

Our gear is also available for rental. The ever-evolving list includes cameras, studio lights, gimbals, mounts, tripods, DMX-controlled event lights and effects, hazers and more. PA system and fully portable live streaming tech available. Our gear is primarily within the Blackmagic ecosystem with EF mounts.

Please send a freeform inquiry describing what you’re looking for, and we’ll get right back to you with how we can help! “Run & Gun” -style shoots on a tight schedule can often be arranged within the greater Helsinki area during one to two business days.


Need to make stuff happen? No time to waste!
Email us at or call +358 40 541 1989!
For extended contact info, see the Contact page.

Friends & partners

Tiivistämö Helsinki; Takauma; Desucon/KCS ry; Tracon ry; Ilokivi Venue; Möysän Musaklubi; ...